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Let Monetization Go Easily.

SuperMidas is a globally leading mobile in-app focused programmatic advertising marketplace.

Professional · Innovative


Our Features

Protocol Interoperability & Bidding Optimization Tool
Leading DSP & Premium SSP, more than 100 worldwide partners.
Built-in Malware Detection, creating an OPEN Advertising Ecosystem.
Up-to-date Advertising Technology & Platform Optimization Capabilities & Unique Advertising Creative
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Our Solutions


Advertisers and DSPs can connect directly to a large number of apps through Super Midas to find the audience they want to reach with their brand voice.

For Advertisers


For Publishers

In addition to providing flexible integration methods, our partner ad verification platform will guarantee the security of your application. On top of that then realize your quantifiable revenue.

Our Partners

We have long-standing and tight relationships with many reputable advertisers. With enough demand for advertising, the supply of advertisers and publishers can be swiftly matched. 

Our Mission

Create an innovative programmatic advertising ecosystem based on expertise to enable the potential revenue growth of our clients.
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