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Supermidas was founded in California in 2020 and is a pioneer in the field of programmatic advertising technology. Initially, we noticed some inefficiencies in programmatic advertising, so we concentrated hard on the technology of the ad platform, including integration techniques, traffic estimation tools, billing&data, and bidding systems.

After that, we focused on the latest advertising market trends. With our experienced team of experts' keen judgment and insight into the market, we planted more creativity in our solution.In addition to the current In-app, we are expanding our advertising ecosystem to cover OTT & CTV in the future...




We have always believed that the values of the company largely influence the output of the entire team, and our work is guided by three core values.
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The success of every case is driven by both our clients and us. Being client-centric and listening to them based on their market perspective is where we land in our business partnerships.
Our reaction to the rapidly changing advertising industry is to disassemble outdated plans and incorporate more innovation into them. 
We have provided additional learning resources in addition to career training to complete the knowledge of our team, both in terms of professional job skills and individual growth.
Listening to Our Clients
Embrace Change
Continuous Learning
980 W 6th St Rm#209, Ontario
Professional · Innovative


In addition to carefully selecting quality inventory to work with, we are also constantly developing our O&O apps, which currently primarily cover the entertainment and health categories, and are popular among users with over one million downloads as the apps focus on the sore points of today's people.
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